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If you are in the market for a cartoonist for hire, this is the place. We are the first choice of many companies and individuals alike for cartooning services. A cartoonist for hire can accomplish a lot for your business.

Cartoons, comics, and illustrations. Made to order.

custom cartoons from a professional cartoonist for hire

If you’re looking for a custom cartoon, comic, or illustration, you’ve come to the right place. From marketing your business to creating one-of-a-kind personalized gifts, cartoons are a great way to get your message across.

Hi, I’m Loren Fishman, and I’m a professional freelance cartoonist for hire.  I’ve created hundreds of cartoons for businesses and individuals alike, and I’m here to help you add humor to your next project.

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Loren Fishman - Professional Cartoonist For Hire

With a custom cartoon, you can…

When you need a cartoon, there’s nothing more essential than a qualified cartoonist for hire.

custom cartoons for business presentations
Add humor to your presentations
personalized cartoon for gift
Create unique and personalized gifts
custom cartoon illustrations
Make an impression in print publications
design a cartoon
Make web content more compelling

Custom Cartoon Services

I offer a variety of cartoon services for all projects, large and small.

Cartoonist for hire – Why we the cartooning services experts if you are looking for a cartoonist for hire for your projects.

Cartoon Panels

Cartoons make an instant and universal connection. No matter your topic, I can write and draw you a funny cartoon that’s right on message.


Cartoon art for picture books, websites, articles, products, gifts, and anything else. I offer a wide range of illustration styles to bring your vision to life.

Custom Caricatures

If you’re looking for a unique gift, or want to enhance your branding with your very own caricature, I can “cartoonify” any photo you’d like.

Cartoon Logos

Branding your business is important, and nothing makes you stand out like a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching, and memorable cartoon logo.

Comic Strips

Custom comic strips are a great way to tell a detailed story. They also make great gifts, explainer graphics, tutorials, or unique advertisements.

Mascot Design

With a custom-designed company mascot, you can add fun and consistency to your image. I can help you design the perfect character.

How it Works

Creating your custom cartoon is a simple 3-step process.

Cartoonist for hire – Why we are hands down, the cartooning services experts

1. The Idea

We start with your vision and requirements for your project. Whether you have a fully conceived idea that needs to be drawn up, a partial idea in need of fine-tuning, or you need everything made from scratch, we will create the right cartoon for you.

2. Writing and Sketches

Once I have a clear idea of what you want, I will send you a series of sketches and captions. During this working out process, I will edit, redraw, reword and polish the cartoon concept until it meets your needs perfectly.

3. Final Artwork

After the last sketch is approved, I ink, color, and complete the cartoon and you download it through a secure link here on the website.


Examples of custom cartoon projects

Why is it so important to have an experienced cartoonist for hire?


Some feedback from my clients

Hands Down. The very best cartoonist for hire you will find online.

“Loren was a pleasure to work with. He was sensitive to our vision for the cartoon and offered great ideas to improve our original concept. Very fast process as well. Highly recommended!”Jim Burgess, WA
“After including Loren’s cartoons in our email marketing campaigns, open, click-through, and conversion rates all improved significantly. Our subscribers now specifically look forward to the cartoon in our monthly newsletter!”Alan Frankton, LA
“My husband was absolutely floored when I gave him the comic strip for his retirement present. He thought it was hilarious. Thank you, Loren!”Cindy Ayles, MN
“The cartoon was a perfect addition to our wedding program. Thank you for helping us add such a personal and special touch.”Angela and Brooks Harris, SD

Companies who use my cartoons

highest rated cartoonist for corporate projects


How much custom cartoons cost.

These price points are among the most affordable anywhere online for any cartoonist for hire. We aim to keep our prices competitive in a wide and varied marketplace of talented artists.

B&W Cartoon


More traditional look, best for newsletters, reports, and textbooks.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 12.19.28 PM

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Comic Strip


Multi-panel strips can provide a more in-depth story. Great for personalized gifts, brocures, and promotional material.

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Don’t see exactly what you need?… No problem!  Just contact me about your cartoon or illustration project, and I’ll send you a custom quote.

The simplicity of a great cartoonist for hire.

*Prices are based on non-commercial usage. For large-scale publishing or for-profit advertising, rates will vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Feel free to contact me

Cartoonists for Hire

If you’re looking for a cartoonist for hire, look no further. Cartoonist Loren Fishman is available to hire for custom personalized cartoon art for your projects, presentations, newsletters, advertising, promoting your business or other cartooning needs.

Cartoon Artist for Hire

Business projects often use cartoons for PowerPoint presentations and often for in-house newsletters, flyers, job applications, resumes, mailers, greeting cards, customized in office or family greeting cards, Christmas cards, personalized cartoon cards and gifts, customized gifts are made by cartoonist and cartoonists for occasions and for hire at affordable rates.

Cartoonist Wanted

If you are looking to hire a cartoonist, please fill out our form and get in touch by clicking here: cartoonist wanted

Cartoonist Needed

If you are in need of a cartoonist for your project, you can let us know here: cartoonist needed

Freelance Cartoonist

In order to hire a freelance cartoonist, there are many things you should consider. First of all, does the cartoonist work in your preferred style? What kind of cartoon are you looking for? Take a look at the cartoonist’s biography and portfolio before you make the decision about which freelance cartoonists may work best for your project.

Cartoonist for Hire

Loren Fishman is a professional cartoonist for hire. There are many different kinds of cartoonists available. Nevertheless,  it is important that your cartoon is done in a funny, high-quality manner consistent with the vision of your project.

Freelance Illustration

Below, you will find the basic types of freelance illustration that is available through our cartoon service.

Personalised Cartoons

Personalised cartoons are a great way to draw attention to your personal or business message.  When you order a personalised cartoon, there is literally no limit to the amount of humor and sophistication possible. Just place your order and see where your imagination takes you.

Personalised Comic

Personalised comics about anything you want. Completely customized and made to order cartoon artwork. You can hire a professional cartoonist and it is affordable, on time, fast and easy.

Custom Cartoon Drawing

Sometimes, you will want a drawing that is neither in color or black and white. In this case, perhaps a drawing or sketch would be appropriate for your project. With a custom cartoon drawing, you can get the customized cartoon by a cartoonist for hire with a look that you want at an affordable price.

Cartoon Artist

A cartoon artist is an important member of any society. We use parody to point out the blunders, flaws, and observable ridiculous occurrences of everyday life in our world. The role of the cartoon artist will always be an indispensable one.

Cartoon Artists

Below, you will find a list of important cartoon artists who have influenced me.  These people have not only had an immense impact on me, but on the profession of cartooning as a whole. As a cartoonist for hire, I can certainly understand this.


Cartoonist Artist

When you hire a cartoonist artist, make sure that you are aware of the many factors that contribute to the decision. What types of materials do they use? Where did they study art? How much do they charge per hour? These are important questions to ask before you hire any cartoonist or artist to make your artwork.

Business Cartoons

Promoting your business can be difficult, and business cartoons are a great way to do it! With a well-targeted business cartoon, you can capture audience attention. Engagement is a huge factor in successful business presentations, and cartoons are a proven way to hold an audience and drive home your point. Check out this section on business cartoons at the CartonStock directory. If you would like your own business cartoon tailored to your needs. Just check out our page here, and we’ll create a custom business cartoon just for you.

Create a Cartoon

This is one of the leading resources to create a cartoon. In this case, you may not need a cartoonist for hire.

Cartoon Art

Custom cartoon art is perfect for:

  • Scrapbooking
  • Family gifts
  • Proposals and brochures
  • Annual reports
  • Business reports
  • Business newsletters
  • cartoonist for hire
  • Office newsletters
  • Websites and web content
  • Blogs and Social Media
  • Corporate websites

No matter what your usage, cartoons always offer eye-catching and original content.

Cartoon Present

Liven up your next PowerPoint presentation with several cartoons to keep your audience entertained and interested. Add cartoons to your newsletter for greater impact than clip-art. Use a thought-provoking cartoon to communicate your message or point of view. Sponsor a cartoon with your logo on Facebook to increase your “share” clicks and cash in on the magic of viral marketing!

Cartoon Illustration

Do you want your latest product to standout from the rest? I have years of experience in creating cartoons for packaging. While msot of my samples are for novelty gag gifts, cartoons can appear on almost any product! I can handle the whole process from showing you sketches to sending press-ready files. Cartoons are great for CD covers as well! Humorous Spot Illustration Cartoon spot illustrations are ideal for magazines, newsletters, and websites. Break up type and add a funny and unique image to your articles with cartoon drawings. Do you run a blog? Cartoons will separate your blog from the rest and keep readers interested. Humorous and fun illustrations are also available for Children’s books, book covers and interior book illustrations. Are you putting your audience to sleep with your PowerPoint presentations?

Personalized Cartoon

Are you worried about an upcoming presentation? Humorous cartoons are an effective way to grab your audience’s attention and to keep it! People love to laugh and to smile. They will remember information much easier with unique and creative visuals! I can create customized cartoons for any type of presentation. Cartoons are great for training, safety, educational and informative presentations. Whether you want to create a character or highlight specific points, contact me for a one-on-one discussion on how I can help you! Need a t-shirt designer for a new or existing tshirt shop? I specialize in custom cartoon tee shirts that are completely original. Whether you’re starting your own tee shirt shop, looking to expand an existing line of merchandise, or perhaps you’re part of a club or organization that is seeking a unique and funny t-shirt design, As a cartoonist for hire, I can help you create a winning design that will fly off of the shelves! I create completely original designs based on your ideas and I do not use any clipart or stock art. With a professional cartoon t-shirt, you’ll get more business and make more money! For web sites Your web site is an important channel for communicating with customers, prospects, readers and/or employees. The main reason you devote your precious time and effort into a web site is to attract people on a regular basis. To do this, a web site needs to be useful, entertaining and/or fulfill some kind of service. Does your web site give a user a reason to come back in the future? A reason to come back every week? Remember, the more often a person enters your web site, the more of a chance they will utilize your services, buy your products or read your articles.

Cartoon Panel

You will find thousands of fresh, topical cartoon panels to choose from on my site, all sorted by subject for fast and easy browsing. Education cartoons, business cartoons, marriage cartoons, doctor cartoons, lawyer cartoons, nurse cartoons, real estate cartoons, family cartoons, religion and holiday cartoons, and animal cartoons with a keyword-search database to help you find exactly you’re looking for! To browse cartoon panels, look at my portfolio here

Cartoon Designer

I am a professional cartoon designer.  My cartoons are available at budget-friendly rates for your newsletter, presentations, book, e-mail messages, blog, advertising, company Intranet, trade show displays, training materials, client communications, calendars, employee manuals, brochures, flyers, display screens, and just about anything you can imagine.

Cartoon Design

If you are interested in cartoon design or cartoon character design, please contact us here and we will let you know about your project.

Design a Cartoon

Below you’ll find a few examples of Cartoon Logos and Cartoon Mascots that I have done. Your cartoon logo always starts as a unique, hand drawn cartoon. I will provide initial sketches for review and work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied. Some clients prefer to keep the hand-drawn, cartoon feel, while others prefer a crisp, icon-like logo. I can provide either for you. Each logo will become vector artwork that can be scaled to any size without losing quality. Cartoon logos are great for pizza restaurants, sports teams, bar and grills, clubs and more. Funny animal cartoons make great cartoon mascots for organizations. Let me help your need and fit within your budget!


Cartoon Illustrations

I’ve been working with businesses large and small for over 15 years. Let me provide your business with the quality, professionalism and attention it deserves! Are you starting up a fun business that will benefit from a cartoon logo or cartoon illustration? Cartoon illustrations are great for any business whether it’s large or small – or even a side hobby!

Custom Cartoon Greeting Cards, Save The Date Cards, Birth Announcements Are you looking for a fun and unique cartoon card? Whether it’s for personal use or for a business, let me create a customized card that suits your needs perfectly. Custom cards are great for grand openings, thank yous, holiday greetings, birthday wishes, birth announcements and more. Custom Cartoon Cards are even great for Save The Date Wedding Announcements. Let your company stand out from the rest with a humorous and colorful card that your clients will want to display and show others! As each job is customized, prices vary, so drop me an email with your idea and we can discuss it! Have an upcoming wedding? If you are interested in Save The Date Cards and have an upcoming wedding – be sure to also check out my Unique Bridal Party Cartoon gifts – completely personalized and hand-drawn! Cartoons for Packaging and Products From cereal boxes to toys, cartoons appear on products and packaging.

Freelance Comic Artist

I can be hired as a freelance comic artist to create brand new custom cartoons or comic illustrations for your book, advertisement, or special project. My cartoons are priced to fit the budget of any size company or organization. Custom drawn cartoons of anything for any application. Personalized cartoon art & caricatures for logos, t-shirts, tattoos, sports mascots, greeting cards & websites. Illustrations for books, brochures, educational & promotional materials, illustrated maps and instructional diagrams.

Hire Cartoonist

Loren Fishman specializes in custom comic strips, personal cartoons, cartoon logos, custom cartoons and humorous spot illustration for businesses and personal use. Whether it’s cartoons for a website or print media, for a large business or a unique birthday, holiday, anniversary, or retirement gift, you can rest easy that content will arrive on time and be of the highest quality.

Professional Cartoonist

Years of professional cartooning and one-on-one personal attention ensures that each client is completely satisfied. I am a full-time, freelance cartoonist.

Cartoonist Artists

Do you need a unique gift to mark a special occasion? Personalized comic strips are presents that will be cherished for a lifetime! Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation, promotion, or retirement, a personalized comic strip will make them smile! The perfect time for a personalized, hand-drawn comic strip summarizing your first year together! Business Cartoons- Cartoons are a proven, effective means of communication. People are drawn to cartoons and comic strips and love to share them with others. Why not use the power of cartoons to help grow your business, draw customers to your advertisements, or highlight your next presentation? Remember, it’s easier to sell an idea or product when your customer or client is smiling or laughing!

Find a Cartoonist

This is just a few, select samples of my work. After 20 years of cartooning, I have a huge archive. If you are looking to fill a niche of a particular publication and don’t find what you’re looking for here, please feel free to email me. I’m sure I can work with you to provide the perfect content for your publication. Cartoons are available for websites, publications, magazines, newsletters, powerpoint presentations, and more. umorous Small Business Cartoons forSelf Employed and Small Businesses Add a splash of color and humor to your small business website, presentation, newsletter or magazine. Small business comic strips are available for weekly of monthly updates. It’s tough to run and operate a small business, why not add a bit of levity to your serious publication and presentation? Cartoonist for Hire! Cartoonist Loren Fishman will create commissioned artwork for any occassion or any collector if you want a specific scene or character drawn.


Cartoon Artists for Hire

With my cartooning services, you’ll receive one-on-one attention for your project. In the initial stage, I’ll provide you with rough sketches for approval. Once approved, I will finalize the cartoon and email you a high-resolution file. I can provide TIF or JPEG files. I typically require 3-5 business days to complete a project. If it’s a rush, please let me know. Every project is different, so I cannot give you a price until I hear the project details! However, I aim to work within everyone’s budget. you only have to provide me a brief description of the “theme” and I’ll do the rest! I’ll write the dialogue and share the ideas with you.

Hire a Cartoonist

You can also get funny cartoon illustrations. To hire a cartoonist for funny illustration or to do comic and cartoon pictures that is completely customized to your specific project. custom cartoon art.  Cartoons are a fun and affordable way to bring more attention to your message and help you communicate with humor!

Humorous and entertaining cartoons not only break up monotonous text with vivid color, but they provide a place that your surfers will want to visit on a regular basis. This allows you more of an opportunity to market your products, increase your service activity, build your brand, get out important employee related information, or simply keep traffic coming back to your web site. People will probably bookmark the page! For publications The same hold true for printed publications. Cartoons are great page turners. Many surveys indicate that the comic section of a newspaper is the first section that is read. By placing our cartoons inside your publication, it makes your readers turn the page!

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