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As you have probably guessed, my name is Loren Fishman, and I’m a freelance cartoonist for hire. I hope you enjoy the cartoons here. I’m passionate about cartooning and its ability to communicate in our modern world.

About me

From a very young age, I exhibited an aptitude for doodling aimlessly in school, and making inane remarks in social situations. Cartooning was inevitable. My cartoons first ran in The Minnesota Daily Newspaper in 2009, and have since been published in many online and print magazines including OVI Magazine, Paper Darts Literary Arts Magazine, The Feathertale Review, Piano Professional, Clavier Companion, The Nth Degree, Defenestration Magazine, Genome Technology, The Jewish Press, Hardwood Floors, International Musician, Z Magazine, Teemings, The Indianapolis Star, Fanc-e-Mews, and Polite Company Magazine. They have also appeared internationally in textbooks, merchandise, and many educational presentations. I recently had cartoons exhibited at the International Cartoon and Humor Convention in Virton, Belgium. In addition to cartooning, I work as a classical pianist, and teach music as a university professor.

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